Our trained team of operators are available to provide 24hr surveillance monitoring, including the COVID19 quarantine surveillance monitoring service for villas and hotels. Whether you need indoor, outdoor  surveillance or video intercom system, we have what you need. Our indoor home security cameras let you check-in using your mobile device or receive alerts for triggered events. Live and recorded footage help you stay in touch. Outdoor security cameras capture footage of areas like driveways, gates and yards. With video doorbell cameras, you can see and talk to your visitor without opening the door, or even if you’re not home.  

We cannot live without technology, it’s part of every aspect of our home, and business lives. It’s of great importance that we do not take our cyber safety for granted, so providing a service that protects and watches over you is what we do best.
We stop breaches with our cloud-native endpoint security platform so our customers can go & change the world. our services: Endpoint Antivirus & Malware Protection, Cyber Security, Cloud Services, Remote Support, Remote IT Support

Installing an access control systems will ensure your property is secure and only those authorized can gain access. From a standalone system to a full scale system of hundreds of doors. Since needs change over time, our approach is to consider these potential changes on the front end and design a system that is flexible. Our team is committed to making sure that our customers are satisfied. From the design stage through the installation and ongoing service, it is our goal to make sure that we meet our customers’ expectations.
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The key to a successful business is always a successful well-planned strategy. As with your communications backbone, it should be installed with quality materials and equipment by certified individuals with the tools to provide you with approved certification results for your copper or fiber optics cabling system.
Our team of certified technicians have years of experience in providing you with a network that is well documented and ready to go with your equipment. Our Services : Secured Wireless & Wired Networking, Data & Voice Cabling, PA (Public Announcement) System, Fiber optic design & Fiber fusion splicing for home & business, VOIP services.

Your vehicle is your trusted investment, a tool to help you provide safe travel for business and home. We can manage and maintain your vehicle, or fleet ensuring that you have peace of mind that you will always know where the vehicle is, or should the tracker go offline.

Our unique offering in developing our product is based on real-world experience. When you buy a fleet vehicle management or tool and asset management software solution from UT3 Group, you’re buying software that was written to fulfil real-world needs.

Control4 Certified Installers
Get your home ready for the IoT experience with our user friendly automated lighting, and audio/video . Using our solid technical expertise, understanding and market knowledge, we help our clients implement their ideas, design and develop IoT systems for smart home, launch their projects and ensure successful returns. We connect IoT devices for smart home and build unified ecosystems where every element operates at the top of its potential and enables consistent, secure and efficient performance. We have experience in working with different smart home IoT platforms and big data solutions. Using our expert knowledge, we choose the best technology stack for your project and make sure the tools we use meet performance and scalability requirements of the future system.

How important is your personal safety? What about the safety and well-being of your family members? Your home? Your valuables?. Our experts listen to your needs and then create the right security plan for your style and budget. Whether you live alone or have a family, whether you need a more standard approach to a home security system, or one with highly- personalized options. You can rest assured knowing your home security system was intelligently designed by our experts to meet your needs. Our wired / wireless alarm systems are at the heart of your home/business security. With the latest technology and 24/7 monitoring, they help reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime. Give us a call 246-537-8834

A gate is invaluable to keep your perimeter safe and to give you peace of mind. But if you’re frequent entering and exiting your property, you’ll want an automatic gate opener to expedite the process. A gate opener saves you time and effort, which is especially important if you’re running a business. At UT3 Group, we sell automatic gate openers and operators for all types of gates and with all types of functionality. We have a selection of gate openers and operators for residential and commercials gates, sliding and swing gates, and parking barrier booms.  We cater to all sizes and lengths of gates, and t can stand up to extensive to regular use. Sliding gates, swinging gates, dual-swinging gates, we have it all, Get your quote today

About Us

At Unified Technology 3 Group Inc we build resilient, connected solutions that help businesses and residents protect, understand, and enhance the world around them. We offer a wide range of solutions for Commercial, Residential, Medical and Industrial sectors. Over the years, we have gained a high reputation as professionals and our reliable trained team of experts are specialized in the installation, maintenance and supply of various system solutions such as : Access Control Systems (Standalone and Managed ) ,Video Intercom and Gate Entry Systems, Wireless/Wired/Fiber Networking Solutions, ioT, Intrusion Systems, Video Surveillance (CCTV) Systems, Fire Systems, Cyber Security. Being one of the leading system integrators in industry,  we ensure our design, installation, integration, implementation and maintenance of systems are at their best, providing tailor-made solutions to customers of all sizes. Our teams will develop the plan to ensure that your property and asset are well protected. Giving you piece of mind.

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With a clear vision and mission, UT3 Group Inc will  secure your assets and those who means most to you. Using nothing but the latest technology from our leading partners on the market, while providing exceptional customer service support.

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